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During a public health crisis, giving people meaningful things to do may help calm anxiety, restore order, and promote a sense of control. Currently, increasing cases of Zika virus disease (Zika)—and their possible link to other harmful health outcomes—are cause for concern. As this outbreak continues to affect the Americas and Caribbean areas, CDC is working to provide guidance, including action steps people can take to prevent further spread of Zika.

Zika is largely spread through the bite of an Aedes mosquito, but may also be transmitted through sexual contact. The best ways to avoid catching and spreading Zika are to have safe sex and use products that minimize the risks of being bitten by mosquitos.

To help people understand how they can protect themselves and their families, CDC has outlined how to they can build their own prevention kits. Each kit should include:

This one-page handout provides clear instructions and images to show people how to stay safe from Zika, whether they live in or travel to affected areas. This resource may also be shared to educate neighbors and promote action in other communities.

Giving people something meaningful to do in response to a crisis may help them take protective actions, make sense of the situation, and restore a sense of control.

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